Subject TIB_Grid InPlaceEditor Logic
Author Russell Belding
Hello IBO team

Using IBO 4.2Fn with D6.

In a TIB_Grid I have defined an in place editor for date fields by assigning
a procedure to the OnEditButtonClick Event. When my user clicks the editor
button my date editor appears. When it is
removed the TDatePick date editor then appears. This "double editing" does
not happen with Text fields unless EditLinksAuto is true.

To prevent double editing of date fields I have added the capitalised two
words below. The modified logic works for my purpose. Is it the best way to
handle the topic?

The relevant code is in IB_GRID.PAS:

procedure TIB_CustomGrid.EditButtonClick;
if Assigned( InPlaceEditor ) and InPlaceEditor.Modified then
SysUpdateData( nil );
if Assigned( FOnEditButtonClick ) then
FOnEditButtonClick( Self )
if ( FEditLinksAuto and SelectedField.IsText ) then
if Assigned( InPlaceEditor ) and FEDITLINKSAUTO AND
(( InPlaceEditor as TIB_GridInplaceEdit).EditStyle = esDate ) then
... // do date editing using a TDatePick


Russell Belding