Subject RE: [IBO] IB_Query, updateding but not refreshing
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 10:25 AM 09-01-02 +0200, KURSAT TASKIN wrote:
>> > I am using IB_Query, IB_Connection, IB_Transaction, IB_Datasource
>> > and IB_Grid. in order to edit the data set I use IB_Updatebar, when
>> > I edit and post, it does not update the calculated fields
>> > automatically. when I close the data set and then reopen, the values
>> > change. I thing there is something that I do not know about
>> > IB_Updatebar
>> It should not be anything to do with IB_UpdateBar.
>> Please confirm that you are definitely talking about "calculated
>> fields" (defined in the CalculatedFields property of the query) and
>> not "computed fields" (defined in the SQL or table).
>Sorry, they are computed field in the table, database. not calculated fields
>in query

So, Kursat, do you now understand why it needs a refresh to get those computed fields up to date, to reflect changes in the columns from which they are derived?

The term "update" with regard to datasets does not mean "update the buffers", it means "update the database". Until you do something that gets a fresh view of the data, the buffer is still showing you the view of the output that you got at the beginning of the transaction. To update the buffers, call Refresh or Invalidate.

If you are committing your changed rows one-by-one, call InvalidateRowNum() to have IBO re-fetch your row after a change. If you are allowing the user to decide when to commit a batch of rows, call InvalidateRows or Refresh instead.

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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