Subject Re: Instant setback
Author Technisoft
At 18:41 09-01-2002 +0000, you wrote:
>Astonishing! I wonder what source code you were using...??

I did include the date of the source in an earlier posting - 12 Feb 2000

>Here is a copy/paste out of the Tutorial1 project that is installed with
>IBO 4.2Fn:
> { The login information has to be set via the appropriate properties. }
> Username := 'SYSDBA'; // Remember to set this appropriately!
> Password := 'masterkey'; // Remember to set this appropriately!
>I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you get the latest versions of these files
>(which are in both the IBO 4 eval and the registered download.

I have to confess that I have now found a copy dated 8 Dep 2001 which
contains the correct code

>It would still be interesting to know when and where you got that so we
>can fix things up. What version of IBO are you using? (Check the Version
>property on your IB_Connection).

Version 4.2 Fb.

The problem arose because in December 2000 I downloaded At
that time I looked at the contents but did not install. The tutorials
remained lurking ready for (mis-) use.

>REPEAT - Get the right version of the Tutorials, please...and of the eval,

A bit tedious - but perhaps tutorials and samples should have version
numbers. Well, I'm sorry to have taken up so much of your time, but at
least if the unlikely ever happens again you'll know the answer.

Peter Lawson