Subject Re: [IBO] TIBO x TIB_
Author Paulo Henrique Albanez
I thought the reason was !

IBO was started long before Delphi 3 came out with the virtual dataset . (Left the IBO's Help)

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> At 15.43 08/01/2002 -0300, you wrote:
> >I think in the TIBO's Next Version, there should not be TIBO and TIB_.
> >
> >TIB_ should be derivatives of the class TDataSet, uniting definitively the
> >best of the two worlds.
> >
> >I do not be saying to finish with the components TIB_, they are excellent,
> >they would continue to have their advantages, only that now would work
> >with TIB_, derivative of the TDataSet.
> >
> >I know that it is difficult, but at long time, would make the maintenance
> >at IBO more simple.
> >
> >Many people who I know do not use IBO because it is not compatible with
> >TDataSet.
> I think this is stupid if you use TIBO you can use the tdataset compatible
> classes in junction with many third part visual components compatible with
> tdataset
> structure.
> If someone wants to use TIB_ can use them and then use also Jason's
> components...
> If someone wants to use TIBO will use TDataset standard component.
> >I think it would open a world new for IBO.
> >
> >Today we stay in a dilemma:
> >- we use the all power of IBO and lose the compatibility
> >- we stay with the compatibility and lose the components TIB_.
> The tdataset structure limit the power of the components...
> this is why jason created the double structure.
> It was not for joke, instead it was due to the intrinsic limitations of the
> tdataset structure.
> My two cents,
> Marco Lauria
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