Subject Re: [IBO] TIBO x TIB_
Author Marco Lauria
At 15.43 08/01/2002 -0300, you wrote:
>I think in the TIBO's Next Version, there should not be TIBO and TIB_.
>TIB_ should be derivatives of the class TDataSet, uniting definitively the
>best of the two worlds.
>I do not be saying to finish with the components TIB_, they are excellent,
>they would continue to have their advantages, only that now would work
>with TIB_, derivative of the TDataSet.
>I know that it is difficult, but at long time, would make the maintenance
>at IBO more simple.
>Many people who I know do not use IBO because it is not compatible with

I think this is stupid if you use TIBO you can use the tdataset compatible
classes in junction with many third part visual components compatible with
If someone wants to use TIB_ can use them and then use also Jason's
If someone wants to use TIBO will use TDataset standard component.

>I think it would open a world new for IBO.
>Today we stay in a dilemma:
>- we use the all power of IBO and lose the compatibility
>- we stay with the compatibility and lose the components TIB_.

The tdataset structure limit the power of the components...
this is why jason created the double structure.
It was not for joke, instead it was due to the intrinsic limitations of the
tdataset structure.

My two cents,
Marco Lauria