Subject Re:Instant setback
Author Technisoft
At 10:32 08-01-2002 +0000, Lester wrote:
>Having seen a number of access problems reported with RC1 -
>I did not bother installing it.
>RC2 has gone on a new machine and seems OK, but I am
>sticking with 0.9.4 in production for the present.

I did not expect RC2 to appear so soon, and as a 90% lurker thought I might
be able to make a contribution. Sadly it seems that my contribution is not
exactly what you would like to see.

I have just installed RC2 - no change. Not really surprised as I get the
same results with IB6.

Helen will recall how proud I was at being able to switch from IB to FB.
Pride comes before a fall - I just found out that I was running IB Guardian
with FB. Fixed that, but connection problem persists.

Congratulations to you, Helen and Geoff on Team status. In a way makes us
minnows more reluctant to take up your valuable time :>)

Peter Lawson