Subject Re: Instant setback
Author Technisoft
At 17:35 07-01-2002 +0000, you wrote:
>This doesn't sound like an InterBase error, but could you give the exact,
>full message? It could be an ACL permissions error - that the Windows
>user you are logged in as does not have permissions to the directory where
>the database file is. One CONNECTS to a database, one doesn't OPEN
>it. If the DB file isn't open, the server will open it for you if your
>login is successful.

ISC ERROR CODE 335544472
Your user name and password are not defined. Ask your database
administrator to set up an Interbase login.

> requested -
>I did (I think) exactly what you did: I substituted this for the first
>line in the FormCreate:
> FDBPath := 'e:\FooledYa\murphy.gdb';
>All went fine, no errors.

Pity. I copied a file jdc.gdb, created by a client (totally different
computer and IB 6.01), into the working folder and changed 'TUTORIAL' to
'JDC'. Same problem.

Remember I am running FB RC1 - you presumably RC2. I suppose before taking
up any more of your time I should upgrade.

>As expected, the message appeared each time I clicked the Connect button
>on the ConnectionBar...
>Did you make sure that you set PasswordStorage to psNotSecure?

Tried this - same result

>Are you certain your SYSDBA password is 'masterkey' and not 'MASTERKEY' or
>some other thing?

But as I understand it (perhaps this is the problem) these parameters are
set correctly in the code.

>All that apart, I am baffled about what might be going on on your system...

Me too - and the nightmare gets worse.

I copied the exe and data files to my other computer, which is still
running IB 6. Ran it there - same result.

Then I thought I'd experiment with opening the files with IB_WISQL ( dated
6 Dec 200) and IB_SQL (version The latter is associated directly
with the gdb extension so I navigated to c:\Program Files\Common
Files\Borland Shared\Data and clicked on employee.gdb. IB_SQL apparently
could not handle the spaces in the path so was completely unable to locate
the file. (IB_WISQL does not have this problem)

Copied the employee.gdb file up to the root and tried again. Got message
within IB_SQL containing the following:
ISC ERROR CODE: 335544344
I/O error for file "c:\employee.gdb"
Error while trying to access file
The handle is invalid.

Having issued this message, IB_SQL refused to let me exit the program and
the 3-fingered salute had to be brought into play.

Repeated process with IB_WISQL. Identical result.

So one would conclude that for whatever reason my computer does not like
IBObjects. Yet doubleclick on jdc.gdb in the explorer, IB_SQL is fired up
and so far as I can see works perfectly.