Subject RE: [IBO] TIB_Grid problem
> Hi Kursat,
> > I have a problem with TIB_Grid, when I drag it to my form and link
> > the datasource to IB_Datasource it gives the following error.
> > "Access violation at address 04C2A0D1 in modula IBO40CRT_D6.bpl.
> > Read of address 000004FC" what is the problem I do not know. can you
> > help me, I am very new in IB objects
> "IBO40CRT_D6.bpl" ??? I did not think an '_D6' library existed. Is
> this a demo installation or full source?

I installed IBO_4_2_F and IBO_4_2_Fn, and there exists a library
IBO40CRT_D6.bpl in the folder Programfiles/borland/delphi6/projects/bpl

> Presumably Delphi6, what version of IBO and what operating system?
latest version of IBO and Winnt

> Any chance you have a mix of IBO versions installed? Try uninstall
> and reinstall of the latest IBO version.

Yes I have mixed installation but before installing I asked and it said that
install IBO_4_2_F and IBO_4_2_Fn, I also copied IB4_D6_DCU

> Just some thoughts. It is difficult to tell from the information
> provided. If none of the above resolve the problem, it may help to
> post more information about the query itself (is the TIB_Connection
> instance connected and the dataset prepared or active when the error
> occurs?).

> Geoff Worboys
> Telesis Computing

I connected the IB_Datasource to IB_cursor, IB_Cursor connected to
IB_Connection and connection is active, then I connected IB_Grid to
is it wrong