Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Grid InPlaceEditor Logic
Author Geoff Worboys
> Yes I get this here also. The action is not to my liking. I'd prefer
> to use gnOnEditDoEditClick=false. In a contiguous set of fields in a
> row the only way to break out of editing is to land on a
> non-textBlob field. My users are office workers and from experience
> I'd guess an action like this will not be wanted. It would be great
> for entering fresh data but not for random editing.

I agree that full popup dialogs like the memo editor is not that
aesthetically pleasing with gnOnEditDoEditClick set true - especially
when there are multiple instances of the same column type together on
a grid.

I am now wondering whether we can work around your problems in a
different way. You mentioned looking at my EnhComponents, you will
find that most of those components support being dropped on IB_Grid as
used as a replacement for the inplace editor.

If you take the TIB_DateTimeEnh editor as an example, you will see the
possibilities. This does not mean you have to like my TIB_DateTimeEnh
dropbox BUT it is derived from a special combo styled control. You
could derive your own date editor dropbox using the facilities
provided and set up in the same way as the TIB_DateTimeEnh control, to
allow inplace editing of dates without needing an independant dialog.

Just a thought.

It does seem that changes to support gnOnEditDoEditClick and
AlwaysShowEditor both enabled could be redundant (since you dont like
the effect anyway :-) If that is the case then I will send Jason the
fix we have already discussed (to allow replacement of the date editor
more effectively) without other changes.

Due to the complexity of the grid component (not just IB_Grid but also
the underlying VCL TCustomGrid) I cannot discover any other way around
the presentation of custom editor dialogs that will function
consistently. Its sort of take what what you can get :-)

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing