Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Grid InPlaceEditor Logic
Author Russell Belding
Hello Geoff

"Geoff Worboys" <geoff@...> wrote in message
> > Yes I get this here also. The action is not to my liking. I'd prefer
> > to use gnOnEditDoEditClick=false. In a contiguous set of fields in a
> > row the only way to break out of editing is to land on a
> > non-textBlob field. My users are office workers and from experience
> > I'd guess an action like this will not be wanted. It would be great
> > for entering fresh data but not for random editing.
> I agree that full popup dialogs like the memo editor is not that
> aesthetically pleasing with gnOnEditDoEditClick set true - especially
> when there are multiple instances of the same column type together on
> a grid.

Not so much aesthetically not pleasing but not a standard way of locking in
a sequence of edits which the user might not want to do.

> I am now wondering whether we can work around your problems in a
> different way. You mentioned looking at my EnhComponents, you will
> find that most of those components support being dropped on IB_Grid as
> used as a replacement for the inplace editor.
> If you take the TIB_DateTimeEnh editor as an example, you will see the
> possibilities. This does not mean you have to like my TIB_DateTimeEnh
> dropbox BUT it is derived from a special combo styled control. You
> could derive your own date editor dropbox using the facilities
> provided and set up in the same way as the TIB_DateTimeEnh control, to
> allow inplace editing of dates without needing an independant dialog.
> Just a thought.

I will look at this next week, now that I have your component ready to

> It does seem that changes to support gnOnEditDoEditClick and
> AlwaysShowEditor both enabled could be redundant (since you dont like
> the effect anyway :-) If that is the case then I will send Jason the
> fix we have already discussed (to allow replacement of the date editor
> more effectively) without other changes.

I am happy with this suggestion and appreciate you help.

Best regards