Subject loosing records Help
Author Daniel Bertin
Hi all,
I 'm in a panic, does any one know of any instances of loosing
records(rows) in a table without deleting?
I know it sounds stupid but I cannot figure this out.

I complete a activity record by setting a complete flag to Y, Store the
values of the record in variables, post to the table,
then I. Insert into a IBOTable, store the variable values into the fields
and post the changes.

the table has a filter which is set to complete = N, so that users only
have access to not complete records.

the record definitely gets written to the table (as far as I can tell) and
the process continues for about 200-300 records during the course of a day.

every so often when the user returns to find the record(previously
inserted) it has disapeared.I looked in the table and no trace of it. only
the completed one for that particular truck ID. this really puzzles me.
does FB have a log file somewhere?

has anyone ever heard of this type of behavior? when I post a record, do I
directly write to the table (cache updates off) does the record get stored
in a buffer somewhere? where did it go????

I'm using Delphi5,IBO, FB .09.
I'm willing to hire someone to help me with this,
Please the users are wondering why this is happening and are ready to chop
my head off.

Help someone