Subject Re: [IBO] loosing records Help
Author TeamIBO
> has anyone ever heard of this type of behavior? when I post a
> record, do I directly write to the table (cache updates off) does
> the record get stored in a buffer somewhere? where did it go????

What arrangements are you using for transaction control? (Are you
using autocommit or a separate transaction that you explicitly

If the latter, are you sure you are committing at the relevant times?

Unless you had cached updates turned on, the post will go directly to
the table in the database. The only way to lose this post is if you
dont commit.

There is no independant log of changes, although this can be arranged
via triggers attached to the table. IMPORTANT: There is no point
logging changes to another internal table, as such changes would also
be lost if the transaction is not committed. However you can use
external table definitions of UDFs that write to external files to
write independant logs of the table changes. (You could also do
interesting things at the client using events.)

I dont know of any server bug in FB 0.9 that would cause this so I
would be looking for a client app problem, probably transaction (or
user :-) related.

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing