Subject Re: [IBO] RE: Problems with TDBLookupComboBox and IBO_Objects v4.0
> When I was using IB_objects 3.6x eval version my application worked
> fine but when I registered and got version 4.0x (latest) my
> TDBLookupComboBox does work anymore. I get a error which states it
> can't fine a fieldname (which is define for the KeyField property).

The difference between 3 and 4 is caused by Jason now taking
more care to check for reserved names and Dialect 3
differences. IBO3 was a little lax when trying to handle
some of this differences, and when extra features were added
in IBO4 the problems came to light.

Personally I always use upper case for field names and try
to avoid reserved words but I missed a couple that would
cause a problem with dialect 3 and so my IBO3 app worked and
my IBO4 did not.

Some people will say that the new ""'s should be used, but
that causes me other problems with things such as FastReport
which uses those to flag the name part of a field anyway. So
new features in Interbase have created the problem, and
Jason is now trying to follow those rules without breaking
too much more, resulting in an incompatibility which is now
being exacerbated by the new reserved words in Firebird 1 (
I had a FIRST in a table! ).

While we are flexible in meeting other peoples 'demands'
some things are going to get broken, unless great care is
taken. The problem is that the committee is still out on
what is missing on IB/FB.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services