Subject Re: [IBO] Editing a JOIN
> I think missing Comma between two inline selects is a typo only.

Yes I just simplified the sample

> Anyway, if you use your column A in OrderingItmen as number (in your case 4)
> ordering should work.

Yes that was what I was missing, or at least I had it wrong.
There is an interesting little 'bug' where the default
column numbers start from 0 rather than 1. So when the AS A
was left out the default name became COLUMN13 ( in the real
code ) but I should have been using 14 as I had miss counted
the lines.

> If you use same inline selects for your where clause instead of A then
> searching should working, too (at least to me, cause I use this contruct
> very often).

Not sure on this one? Once the OrderingItem was set to the
correct number, then both ordering and searching worked
fine. I'm talking about the native search here.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services