Subject Re: [IBO] Fwd: Re: Major email problems thanks to R. Gupta
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:47 AM 28-09-01 +0100, you wrote:
> > >We appologise for this problem. MailDaemon, our mail server went
> > >into a loop last night. We have informed Deerfield of this "bug" in
> > >their system. In fact we reported this bug some 2 years ago to
> > >them. We will seriously consider an Linux solution very soon.
>That bit of the jigsaw was not so obvious. You were
>obviously getting hit harder because the 'loop time' to your
>ISP was very short.

I was getting the quantities because (a) I had posted email to both ibobjects and ib-support lists during the period and (b) because I am the moderator of both lists and always receive copies of bounce messages. The reason that I had to stay up until it stopped is that I moderate a lot of lists and, once my mailbox on my ISP's server should reach its limit, the apparent outcome would be this kind of bounce-and-rebound activity occurring for users on ALL of these lists. Imagine the bandwidth!

I couldn't even go to bed and leave mail autocheck running because my ISP has a policy of disconnecting one automatically after 4 hrs online. The only way to beat this is to disconnect and reconnect every 3.9 hours.

Maybe Yahoogroups will respond by improving their anti-spam tools. I'd really suppose that seven thousand emails all with exactly the same header going out to one destination in a 9-hour period should have alerted *something*.


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