Subject Re: [IBO] Fwd: Re: Major email problems thanks to R. Gupta

> >We appologise for this problem. MailDaemon, our mail server went
> >into a loop last night. We have informed Deerfield of this "bug" in
> >their system. In fact we reported this bug some 2 years ago to
> >them. We will seriously consider an Linux solution very soon.

That bit of the jigsaw was not so obvious. You were
obviously getting hit harder because the 'loop time' to your
ISP was very short. Some of my mails were taking hours to

The one think that bothers me is that 'duplicate messages'
should be killed on most mail systems to prevent duplication
due to multiple path problems. If they are accepting
different time stamps as a sign of a different message then
they are wasting processing power even bothering to
implement that function. That coupled with the fact that
there are multiple addresses that systems use 'at random' to
decide who actually sent the mail. It is about time that
some simplifications were introduced - perhaps as part of a
REQUIREMENT to include an reachable unsubscribe and spam
identity in ALL eMails.

I'm up to 30-40 junk eMails a day ( about 5% of my 'real'
mail ) which are just crap because I don't live in the US
and the unsubscribe just bounces back almost every time so
some of them just keep coming and going straight in the bin!

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services