Subject RE: Problems with TDBLookupComboBox and IBO_Objects v4.0
I have already submited this problem (msg#11245) but I have some new

When I was using IB_objects 3.6x eval version my application worked
fine but when I registered and got version 4.0x (latest) my
TDBLookupComboBox does work anymore. I get a error which states it
can't fine a fieldname (which is define for the KeyField property).

In looking at the problem I noticed that the LookUpCombobox called
the function below and this is when I get the error msg. If I trace
into this function(GetByName) and add the " around the value of
AFieldName it will receive the data ok. So somehow there is a problem
converting the KeyField property of the DBLookUpComboBox when the
fieldname is a mixture of upper and lower case characters eg. SiteID.

function TIB_Row.ByName( const AFieldName: string ): TIB_Column;
if not GetByName( AFieldName, Result ) then
raise EIB_StatementError.Create( Format( E_FIELDNAME_NOT_FOUND,

[AFieldName] ));