Subject Re: [IBO] RE: Problems with TDBLookupComboBox and IBO_Objects v4.0
--- In IBObjects@y..., lester@l... wrote:
> Personally I always use upper case for field names and try
> to avoid reserved words but I missed a couple that would
> cause a problem with dialect 3 and so my IBO3 app worked and
> my IBO4 did not.
> Some people will say that the new ""'s should be used, but
> that causes me other problems with things such as FastReport
> which uses those to flag the name part of a field anyway. So
> new features in Interbase have created the problem, and
> Jason is now trying to follow those rules without breaking
> too much more, resulting in an incompatibility which is now
> being exacerbated by the new reserved words in Firebird 1 (
> I had a FIRST in a table! ).

Is there away I can patch my IBO_Object source to fix this issue with
lookup fields? I cannot go and redesign my database at this time and
I am suppose to go into beta testing next week