Subject Re: [IBO] POST vs UPDATE in TIBOQuery dataset
Author Chuck Belanger

Went back and relooked at problem. Turns out it was in fact updating
underlying table, but just not updating the dbTreeView, which was
another issue altogether. Discovered
ActiveNode.Dataset.edit/fieldbyname/post which did everything
I want.

Thanks for you amazing patience with people on the steep slope of the
learning curve.


Chuck Belanger

Helen Borrie wrote:

> At 01:35 PM 26-09-01 -0700, you wrote:
> >Hi, Helen:
> >
> >Thank you again for you support!
> >
> >Sounds like I was doing everything right to allow a edit/post, but it was not updating the record and in fact, moving the displayed information to another record altogether. It is a single table and simple query for the dataset.
> >
> >Any suggestions on what I'm missing?
> Chuck,
> Please post the DDL for your table, the SQL statement for your query and say which column(s) you are using for Keylinks.
> Cheers,
> Helen
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Chuck Belanger
> >
> >
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Subject: Computer crash lost BEST session, please fax
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This morning my hard disk did an abrubt crash and thus I lost the
computer session that you and I did together. My backup is current to
last week.

At the least, please keep the reports I made and if possible could you
please fax them to me for inclusion in your records?

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fax 510/215-9525