Subject IBO4 and ISAPI
Author Kurt Bilde
Hi all !

I've done an ISAPI with IBO 4 and webbroker. Just after restart the server the response time is a split second and after sometime (a day or so) it simply stops responing. But the "funny" part is that the website is running so I guess that it can't be the IIS 5 that have annonced EOL. In the log of the interbase server (6.0.6 - OpenSource) I can see notes about "read errno 10054" and it seems like it only tells that a user have turn off the computer or choosen another website before getting a response back from the Interbase server...

*) I've placed a TIBOSession as the first element in my uses
*) I've ensure that no connection is done at .create.....
*) I use local as the protecol for my ISAPI to communicate with Interbase...
*) I've turned casching off in the script folder

Do any one of you have any suggestions for me to look at to stop this problem?