Subject Re: [IBO] IB Controls and Grid Question
Thanks you for your quick respond.

Please send the Modification to me in order to solve Q3 , because
actually the problem i found is during in runtime, and i want to
duplicate to the problem so i make the a sample application.

In runtime , the grid is in first tTabSheet of a tpagecontrol , and
on first column have a tib_editEnh embeded. and on ,
the error occurs.

--- In IBObjects@y..., "Geoff Worboys" <geoff@t...> wrote:
> > Q2.
> > In 3.6 , when Some Contols (like IB_EditEnh) get foucs
> > , i can Click Form Button , but in IBO v4 , i need to
> > click the Button twice time. First time , cause the
> > Control lose Focus, and second time click
> > button again.
> >
> > Q3.
> > During desing time , whne i put IB_ComboBox into
> > IB_Grid , every time i trigger IB_Query Active
> > property True/False.
> > Error Occur Message
> > 'Cannot Focus a disabled or invisible window.'
> Thanks heaps for the demo - I can now see clearly the issues you
> describe.
> I have a fix for Q3 (changes to IB_Grid.pas) which I will send Jason
> shortly, and can send you a copy directly by email or you can wait
> the next IBO release. The problem was specific to a control on the
> first column of a grid (did not occur when on second or subsequent
> columns).
> I have altered the grid so that it will not attempt to alter visible
> (or the location or border) of the control at designtime. I found
> that the control would seem to "disappear" because the border was
> removed. By making these changes all controls (whether on the first
> or subsequent columns) should now behave consistently at designtime.
> I can see the problem described in Q2 - and it is worse than
> described. Its not just that you cannot click a button, you cannot
> even focus a control without issuing a second click. I think I now
> understand another posting that was made to this list.
> I also have a possible fix for this. However given since I think it
> was a change that I recently sent to Jason that introduced this
> problem, I would rather wait for Jason to confirm after I send him a
> copy of the changes.
> Geoff Worboys
> Telesis Computing