Subject Re: [IBO] IB Controls and Grid Question
Author Geoff Worboys
> Sorry , i have'nt see any respond so i re-post ,
> my question is :

Whoops, must have gotten missed. Sorry about that.

> IBO V4.Ef , D5 Ent
> Q1.
> I want to know which IB_Control can use into IB_Grid ,
> or i need to see in source code which involve
> 'IIB_GridWinControl'. I see IB_Edit
> can not use into IB_Grid.

From the IBO distributed controls you can drop:
TIB_LookupCombo or TIB_ComboBox onto IB_Grid.

IB_Edit cannot be dropped onto IB_Grid, but the standard inplaceeditor
has most of the same capabilities.

Most of the controls in the Enhanced Components (EditEnh and its
derivatives) can be dropped onto IB_Grid. (available via

If you create your own controls you simply have to implement the
IIB_GridWinControl interface for that control and it will be supported
on IB_Grid.

> Q2.
> In 3.6 , when Some Contols (like IB_EditEnh) get foucs ,
> i can Click Form Button , but in IBO v4 , i need to
> click the Button twice time. First time , cause the
> Control lose Focus, and second time click
> button again.

What do you mean: "form button"? I take it you mean just an ordinary
TButton on the form itself somewhere. Is it a TButton, a TBitBtn or
something else?

Does this only happen when the particular control is on the grid? If
so which controls are you using to see this behaviour?

> Q3.
> During desing time , whne i put IB_ComboBox into
> IB_Grid , every time i trigger IB_Query Active
> property True/False.
> Error Occur Message
> 'Cannot Focus a disabled or invisible window.'

Do you have any events being executed as a result of the query
becoming active? Are you able to reproduce this problem on a small
demo app?

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing