Subject [IBO] TIB_Connection crash on app. close
Author Pirtea Calin
Hello again.

When using events with firebird 9.5.156 the app. crashes on close.

There is a procedure for tib_connection called requestreconnect that is
called by every tib_events
if protocol is diferent from cplocal (for ibo 3) and dbODS_Version<10 (for
ibo 4)
I suppose that some versions of ib6 have fixed the gds32.dll (i don't know
why i remember that as the source
of the problem, please correct me if i'm wrong) but at least in firebird the
problem is still there.
I was very much surprised to see this kind of error (the app crashes on
exit) since i knew that in ibo3
it worked just fine, so i'm asking if it is posible to change back the check
to verify only the protocol and not
the ODS_Version if you think it is apropriate. Otherwise adding that line of
code in my app is no big deal.
Still if someone else (many others) experiences the same problem it could be
usefull to be automated in ibo ...

Regards, Pirtea Calin.