Subject [IBO] TIB_Edit
Author Pirtea Calin
I'm sory to make so many posts all at once and then go away for a week.
But as I stated before i have no internet for the moment (i'm using it at a
friend right now).

Here is another "feature request":
using tib_edit has some advantages like having any kind (almost) of field
editable without using different
controls for different fieldtypes. Not that i recomend using genering
editors but sometimes they are very
usefull. So what i want is a property to alow a numeric field to be editable
from right to left i have already
changed the code to behave like this but i took your sugestion (Jason) and
discuss the feature with the list first
just to see if anyone is interested in it too. Usualy all numeric fields are
represented from right to left when
not in edit mode, and from left to right when in edit mode. I don't like
that jump it makes from right to left
and think that it is more apealing visualy if it stays put. (i mean in the
right side of the editor).
What do you dear list think of this ?

Regards, Pirtea Calin.