Subject [IBO] Some features
Author Pirtea Calin
I've seen an older post where somebody (eric_marchettifr@...
asked why his ibolabel did not became bold when using a tib_lookupcombo and
the field
was required. I have the same need in my app. because usualy the client
won't fill the field
if it's not required and i don't want to set a default beacuse it's too easy
to leave it to a
default and create errors to the data (not database errors but errors
regarding the reality).
I use defaults only where they are supposed as insert times or dates and so
on ... Anyway
the point is that i want the label to become bold if it is required.
A week or so ago i emailed Jason about this isue and he asked me to
reply to the group
to discuss it with the author ("Geoff Worboys"
<geoff@...> i think).
I experiencing some poblems with my internet connection and i'm always in a
hurry to reply
to any messages so i had no chance to do what Jason asked me until now. Next
week i will
still be unavailable so ,if there's a conversation to be happening, it is
now or in a week.

Here it goes :

I tried to figure out when in time is the moment than ibolabel checks to
see if it is required
(bold needed) and change the code to try and find out if a tib_query is a
lookup or not (I checked for
keysource). You probably have seen my changes already and have made an idea.
I want to know
if you have a solution for this or if not that you give some directions for
doing it myself.
The changes i made were close to what i wanted but there are still many
things not ok, like:
after post the ibolabel remains bold, when draing the label won't resise and
so on ...