Subject Re: [IBO] Button Bitmaps
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:14 PM 01-07-01 +0100, you wrote:
>The problem with image editor - and I may be wrong - is that it will only work
>with the fixed pallet set. I can't add Brown there, so I was trying to do it in
>PaintShopPro, and then use your facility to select different images in the
>program, but I need an image with selected and greyed to star with, don't I?

I'll post you a little program that will make this job easy (just in case you don't have Delphi). It's just the executable compiled from this demo project, from the Delphi installation:

"C:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi4\Demos\Resxplor\resxplor.dpr"

Just run it over your compiled program... it's a cheat I use a lot when I can get what I want with the Image Editor - especially the double-phase glyphs.

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