Subject OT: Why doesn't IBO 3.6 run on Delphi 6?
Author Christian G├╝tter
Hi folks,

I am a Delphi 4 user and I am thinking about
upgrading to Delphi 5 or Delphi 6, because my
project is now stuck due to some D4 limitations.

I heard that IBO 3.6 will not run on Delphi 6.
I am wondering if it is just because of new IBO4 or
because porting IBO 3.6 to Delphi 6 would be too
much work.

I know that Borland introduced many changes (CLX)
in D6, but I thought it ought to be quite easy to
port programs from D4/5 to D6.

I am a licensed user of IBO 3, so I guess I will
have to pay for an upgrade to IBO 4. How much will
this be?
And when will IBO4 be finished?

And the fact that IBO 3.6 won't work under D6 makes
me fear that many third party components I use won't
work under D6 either so that a great amount of money
and time must be invested to port the project to D6.

I wonder what other IBOists think about my situation?
Should I just upgrade to D5 or will the "step into
the future" to IBO4 and D6 be right?