Subject Re: [IBO] Button Bitmaps
Author Lester Caine
Thanks for that Helen.

There was a similar program with Builder 4, but it's lost
somewhere in 100Gb of disk space.

I had just got a stable C++ system when Borland brought out
Delphi - and I could not see any point changing, so I stayed
on the Builder leg, even though I trained in Algol and had
Pascal programs running. It would be nice just to have one
standard to work to, rather than the Microsoft/Borland
roundabout, havn't switch to W2k on sites yet, and it's

I've also found the attributes in the image editor, and
managed to get the ones built into IBO to the right colour
as well. All my future builds will need the same pastel
colours, so this was the right place to work anyway.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services