Subject Re: [IBO] Hooray, found an error!
Author Svein Erling Tysvær

>If password is not remembered, this means that when the program is executed
>the password must be typed during login.

I don't mind the password being kept in RAM, I just don't think the
property should be saved on disk (don't know if this is easy/possible in
Delphi though - I'm a lousy component writer).

>If your logic is to be followed, then every time you add in a query
>component would you want to retype your password again and again during
>development time?

No, every time I open the project.

>You are seeing the password because you are still at the development stage.

>When you are about to deliver the program, that's the time you set the
>PasswordRemembered to false. But during the development time, better set
>this to true so you don't have to log in every time you test your program.
>Gets mo?

Yes, I think I do and you may be right in it being a better option during
development. But it still surprises me that the password is stored when
saving if PasswordRemembered is false - it could lead to some unwanted
"openness" if source code is distributed.


>Funny how irony can work isn't it?

Yes, and I use it extensively. But this time it wasn't intentional except
for as an "eye catcher". It just felt better to try something and quickly
discover that it didn't work as I expected without believing me to be the
guilty party, than the "Oops, this didn't work. Where did I go wrong this
time?" which I and Aage use all the time. It didn't cause me any real
trouble, and I liked it just because it is so rare to spot a bug in the
world of IBO.

Keep up your great work,