Subject Re: [IBO] Join or Where ?
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>Select FA.*, FM.Descricao
>From Fun_Afastado FA
>Join Fun_Motivos FM on FM.Motivo = FA.Motivo
I generally prefer this one. I think you need to set up RequestLive and
KeyRelations (or something like it) to the primary key of Fun_Afastado to
make this work.

>Select FA.*,
> (Select Descricao from Fun_Motivos FM
> where FM.Motivo = FA.Motivo) as Descricao
>From Fun_Afastado FA
This will be updatable immediately if you set RequestLive to true, but I
think the subselect will make it the slowest option. Note that this select
isn't exactly the same as the other selects since it also gets records from
Fun_Afastado that doesn't have matching records in Descricao.

>Select FA.*, FM.Descricao from Fun_Motivos FM, Fun_Afastado FA
>Where FA.Motivo=FM.Motivo
Don't use this one. It' the same as option 1 only conforming to an older
(out-dated) style of SQL and require you to correctly set up JoinLinks.