Subject Re: [IBO] Creating Databases & Tables
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>1. Can anyone recommend a good book or two that would benefit a novice like
>myself in getting started more quickly?

I guess there's plenty of good books on SQL and I think Helen has a
favourite book on database programming (I don't remember it's name, but you
may find it in the archives). For IBO, there's a Getting Started Guide
available on for approximately $30 - it's kind of a "How
To"-book (online only, I think) that will save you many hours and help you
keep your hair. Myself, I consider SQL to be simple, InterBase to be almost
irrelevant laying there in the background (I don't do the maintenance) and
IBO to remain an undiscovered animal almost impossible to fully understand
(I think I know the most important 1% by now after 2,5 years - and that's
more than enough to get my work done).