Subject Re: [IBO] Hooray, found an error!
Author Joseph Alba
> My logic says that if PasswordRemembered is false, then the password
> not be saved even when typed into the password property (and if I choose

If password is not remembered, this means that when the program is executed
the password must be typed during login.

If it is remembered, then the program logs in automatically.

If your logic is to be followed, then every time you add in a query
component would you want to retype your password again and again during
development time? Of course not.

You are seeing the password because you are still at the development stage.

When you are about to deliver the program, that's the time you set the
PasswordRemembered to false. But during the development time, better set
this to true so you don't have to log in every time you test your program.
Gets mo?

Joseph Alba