Subject Re: [IBO] Hooray, found an error!
Author Jason Wharton
Hmmm... I'll look this over.

Funny how irony can work isn't it?

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] Hooray, found an error!

> Well, I don't actually know if it is still present in the latest release,
> but it is at least behaving differently from what I expected in 3.6Cf
> (which I'm still on).
> Put a TIB_Connection on a form, set its password while PasswordRemembered
> is false, save and close the project, reopen it and - voila - the password
> seems to still be there.
> My logic says that if PasswordRemembered is false, then the password
> not be saved even when typed into the password property (and if I choose
> view the form as text, I can even read the actual password in plain text).
> Am I in error again or did I actually find a bug (the timing seems correct
> - just a few hours after writing how flawless IBO is with hardly any real
> bugs)?
> Set
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