Subject Re: [IBO] Hooray, found an error!
Author Geoff Worboys
> Yes, I think I do and you may be right in it being a better
> option during development. But it still surprises me that
> the password is stored when saving if PasswordRemembered
> is false - it could lead to some unwanted "openness" if
> source code is distributed.

You can blame me :-)

This is something I started, but Jason did not want to fully implement
in version 3 for fear of breaking existing applications.

The result is that you have the functionality that is not fully
implemented, it is in IBO4. The difficulty is that in IBO3 the
password is stored in the connection Params, so it is not possible to
properly hide the password without changing that storage mechanism.

If you want this to work properly in IBO3 you need to remove some
comments from the source...

In IBA_Connection.INT - uncomment:
FPassword: string
function GetPassword
procedure SetPassword

In IBA_Connection.IMP - uncomment:

SetPrm( 2, '' ); // Make sure no value in password param

function GetPassword
procedure SetPassword

Bear in mind that this will break any application that expects the
password to have been stored - which is a bad idea anyway IMO.

Probably we should simply setup IBO3 so that the PasswordRemembered
and SavedPassword properties are not published.


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing