Subject Re: [IBO] resource-leak ??!?
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Ralf / Geoff,

Geoff Worboys wrote:
> > Win9x has unlike WinNT/2k - at least this is my experience - a
> > limited number of window-handles.
> Even NT/w2k have limited resources - just not as limited as 9x. So a
> resource leak is a problem in any environment.
> > Note : Nothing new is displayed ever in the grid, only the font
> > of the selected line is changed. Even closing the connection to
> > the DB and re-connecting does not free these ressources.

this reminds me of a strange problem i had some weeks ago with a barcode
printer (!). It wouldn't print even small labels, although i only used
Arial in different sizes (QuickRep). It turned out that i needed an updated
driver version due to the fact that M$ behind the scenes pushed up the
internal font scalation of Arial by 1000% (!!) when Win98 was released.
They (as usual) have a doc somewhere on their site but didn't
really make it aware to the public :(( but it resulted in a single font size
consuming hundreds of kbytes of memory! (at least that's what the printer
vendor told me...)

(this may be a real shot in the dark, but like Geoff i don't believe in such
a major resource leak in IBO. Especially due to the fact that your *GDI*
resources are going down, which would not happen by wasting heap space...)