Subject Re: [IBO] resource-leak ??!?
Author Geoff Worboys
> Win9x has unlike WinNT/2k - at least this is my experience - a
> limited number of window-handles.

Even NT/w2k have limited resources - just not as limited as 9x. So a
resource leak is a problem in any environment.

> Note : Nothing new is displayed ever in the grid, only the font
> of the selected line is changed. Even closing the connection to
> the DB and re-connecting does not free these ressources.

I dont currently have a Win98 installation with Delphi setup. So I
built Tutorial5 under my W2k installation and tested it using
MemProof. No leaks were found.

Note: I presume you discovered that Tutorial1 needed its script
updated to allow the database to be created under IB6. I do this by
simply updating the CODE domain to VARCHAR(30) (from 20) to prevent
the string truncation error.

> Win98SE (german version)
> Delphi 5 CS
> Local installation of Interbase, Version

I had the same setup here except for Win98 (and I was using Delphi Pro
not CS). No problems were detected.

Can I ask you to download MemProof - which is freely available - to
see if you can discover where the problem is under Win98.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing