Subject Re: [IBO] Borland releases the certified build...
Author Frank Ingermann
Hi Nick / Tobias,

Tobias Giesen wrote:
> > I say, this is a very foul thing ...
> Well, they had always been saying that there would be certified releases
> that would cost money.
> Tobias

... this adds one more good reason to go for Firebird to my list...

--> oh Borland... you guys never seem to learn... there is no such thing
like "Un-Open-Sourcing" a product once you open-sourced it! Even if you
realize it was a wrong decision to open-source, and even if you realize
that it is really a good product after all (way to late imo...) and
*even* if you realize what amounts of money you lost by putting it out for

...anyway, i personally don't really care as long as the phoenix is up in
the air <g>... (and who would assure us that when they (Borland) hide their
sources, they won't put in another Locksmith user??? just wondering...)

fwiw, may the *OPEN* source be with you!