Subject [OT} ODBC Driver? WAS: Borland releases the certified build...
Author Paul Schmidt
On 13 Mar 2001, at 22:29, Kaputnik wrote:

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Subject: [IBO] Borland releases the certified build...

> ...and it will definitely cost money...
> and it also seems, that the certified one contains code not in the
> open source tree And has a ODBC-driver......only if you pay for And
> has a JDBC driver....only if you pay for...

Well, the only way to combat this, is for some bright light, to
develop a free ODBC driver. I know PostgreSQL has a ODBC driver. Is
it worth it, to spend the time trying to see if I could try creating
a driver, using the PostgreSQL one as a template. I have zero
experience at this, so it would be an interesting (to say the least)
project. Ideally it would be a project that would end up on
sourceforge, would be open and lean towards FB rather then IB. You
could run the ODBC Bridge for JDBC support.

Perhaps with all of the IB Geniuses around here, we could come up
with a better driver then the one Borland paid big bucks for.

Lets start with the important stuff first, I need a number of people
who would be interested in such a thing, and I need a good name.

Paul Schmidt,
Tricat Technologies
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