Subject AW: [IBO] DML Caching
Author Ingo Jansen
Hello Tony,

it is a little bit difficult to explain exactly the DML Cache for use over
the network.

You need a SYNCCursor from the IBO Advanced Tab (look at the survey). when
i'm on the right way then there is also a table in the IB Database in which
then DML Cache Events are stored basicly there is a DML Event Type for
Delete, Update, Insert then it is importent to use the keylink property of
the queries
to synchronize them. When i'm right then the application gets the keylink
for the modified table out of the dml table and use it as a IBO Bookmark to
invalidate the record. but you must turn on DML Receive Flags in the queries
should be updated, and DML Announce in the queries which could be updated.

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Betreff: [IBO] DML Caching

Hi High Level List.

I have read the thread about DML Caching. I have taken a look at
Survey examples, but I don't understand nothing.

Could someone help me to understand how to syncronize changes made on
Server by triggers or SP?

I have also read a DML Cache Info Sheet.Is it there?


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