Subject Re: [IBO] resource-leak ??!?
Author Nando Dessena

> > Note : Nothing new is displayed ever in the grid, only the font
> > of the selected line is changed. Even closing the connection to
> > the DB and re-connecting does not free these ressources.
> I dont currently have a Win98 installation with Delphi setup. So I
> built Tutorial5 under my W2k installation and tested it using
> MemProof. No leaks were found.

I thought MemProof was only able to detect memory leaks, not resource
Anyway, the weak part in Windows 9x is in the device contexts. Could it
be that the drawing code in the grid somehow acquires device context
handles without giving them back to the system? I know this can occurr
fairly easy with the incapsulation provided by the TCanvas class.
My 0.02€