Subject Master/Detail tables
Author Zoltan Hubai

I have some questions about working with master/detail tables with
In my application I use 3 tables: master table, detail table with one-to-one
relation and another detail table with one-to-many relation.
I setup 3 TIB_Querys for this tables and the 2 detail tables link with the
MasterLinks and MasterSource property to the detail query. I also setup the
MasterSearchFlags with folowing setings: msfOpenMasterOnOpen: True;
msfSearchMasterOnSearch: True; msfSearchAppliesToMasterOnly: True. (I use
msfSearchAppliesToMasterOnly with True becose after searching the records I
need all the records from the detail table related to the master table). I
use the TIB_Connection component OnProcessSearchBuffer event to implement
wildcard searching for some columns with the BEGINING WITH and CONTAINING
SQL clausules (this working fine).

Do I need to setup the KeyLinks and KeySource propertys also in the detail
querys, and if I need so then can I use the same TIB_DataSource what I using
for the MasterSource proprety or I need to create another?

In the master table I have general data like title and I use a TIB_Grid
component to display the records from the master table, when the user
selects a record to preview it i use another form where I have TIB_EditEnh
components link with the detail tables - I also use this form to entering
data and for searching the records, and the TIB_Grid to display the search
records. This works, but I got some times error messages like: List out of

When I going to search is it enough to put the Master table in search mode
or I must separatly also put the two detail tables in search mode, and also
by posting the search criteria is it enough to post just for the master
table or I must it doing for the detail tables (in my applications i put
just the master table in seach mode and it worked)?
How to cancel the search when I'm in search mode - I use the Cancel method
for the master table is it enough or I must do somthing else?
How to clear the search results and the search criteria when I'm browsing
the master table? - I first close all the tree tables, then I use the
ClearSearch method after that I use the Prepare method and finaly I open the
tables again - is it good or I can it do simply?

Questions related to the TIB_Monitor component:
Is there any way to display the Monitor programaticli(?) or I must use the
Is there any way to make the Monitor StayOnTop?
Why is it that when I display the Monitor with the TIB_UtilityBar (I click
on the Monitor button) my merged menus got unmerged?

Please help me with my beginer questions and sorry for my poor english!!