Subject RE: Master/Detail tables
Author Zoltan Hubai
Hi Geoff!

Thanks for answering on my question.

>Can you give us more information about this error condition? Perhaps
>the callstack from when the error occurred, this may tell us where the
>problem is coming from.

I think the error was becouse the DisableControls and EnableControls methods
wasn't synhronised, I'm testing it too see if I get it again.

>What do you mean Cancel search? You can go directly to insert from
>search mode if you want, or you can perform the search and then edit
>one of the results.

When I put the dataset in Search mode is it enough to issue the Cancel
method to put back in browse mode without searching the records.

>You only need to call ClearSearch for the master, and all child
>datasets (with MasterSearch) will be cleared. You do not need to
>close the datasets. Dont bother calling prepare explicitly with this,
>let IBO decide whether it needs to reprepare the datasets or not.

Ok, at end I come to this code, is it right?
if Master.State <> dssSearch then // check if in search, if not then put
in search
Master.ClearSearch; //clear the search criteria
Master.Cancel; // cancel the search
Master.Active := True; // put back in dssBrowse, because if I cancel
the search it puts my dataset in dssPrepared

>I dont know. Is this a MDI application, with merged child window
>menus? What you describe should not happen, since the monitor window
>should be fully independant of the MDI application. Can you debug
>into this to see if the problem is with IBO or with your application?

No it is not a MDI application, becouse of nature of my program I use a
master Form with a TPanel component as a parent to displaying the other
forms and I use the TMainMenu Merge method to merge the Forms menu in the
master Forms menu.

I want to ask is there any free version of the IBObjects getting started
guide or any other source for learning it, becouse my wages here in
Yugoslavie are not so high about 100 USD for the month and unfortunately I
can't afford to pay for it.

At end I want to thank for Jason for making such a good component collection
and for you for making the enhanced components!