Subject RE: [IBO] Re: OT: Messages Out of Sync
Author Paul Schmidt

On 12 Mar 2001, at 22:32, Kaputnik wrote:

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Subject: RE: [IBO] Re: OT: Messages Out of Sync

> I have a separate folder in my mail-reader, and can sort very good on
> the threads thanx to outlooks threading capabilities. Having the mails
> in digest-mode makes threading and searching a nightmare, as I
> completely loose the context of the messages.... To digest or not to
> digest is completely a matter of taste, but I still wanted to point
> out its disadvantages :-)

How about generating the digest in thread order?

I sent A message on this to Aage via the list, with some ideas on
trying to make a good list. I thought about storing them in a
database, most MUAs have threading and searching abilities, however I
don't know of any that come close to a real relational database's
searching and sorting capabilities. So if we are storing messages in
a database, it shouldn't be a problem to take the subject, pull off
the RE: [IBO] Re: and store wat remains as a "Thread" specifier.
Take the date and time as GMT, then put a key on the thread and
date/time to sort the digest messages.

If the list server has a method of archiving and searching old
threads, then we don't have a duplication of effort with 200 list
members all maintaining their own form of Archive.....

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