Subject Re: [IBO] Is TIBOTable Good?
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:59 AM 14-03-01 +1000, you wrote:
>I am just wondering, is using TIBOTable completely (not bothering with
>IB_Query) a good thing / optimized?

The answer is that using table components as the general rule in client/server is NOT a good thing. That said, TIBOTable is just about as optimized as you can get. Jason has some further enhancements to it coming up in IBO 4 (now in beta).

>The reason is that I need the standard VCL controls for grids alike. Most of
>the tasks are mainly data entry and search.

Well, compatibility with the TDatasource-using controls is the common reason for using the TIBO* components. Why do you believe you need a table component for compatibility with the standard grid?

>Is IBOTable about the same level in terms of optimization to TIBDataSet?
>I know TIBTable (from IBX) is very bad and just for conversion purpose.

TIBOTable provides 99% emulation of TTable. There is just *no* comparison with TIBTable, which does not emulate TTable and is, as you said, for providing some sort of conversion support. Converson from TTable to TIBOTable is very straightforward - do carefully follow the procedure recommended in the IBO Help file - you won't have to change any code.


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