Subject Re: "can't format message 12:169 -- message system code -6" -- Resolved!
Author Eduardo A. Salgado
--- In, Gabor Boros <gaborboros@...>
> Hi,
> You tried the backup on the server or on the client? Because the client
> program needs the firebird.msg. E.g. firebird.msg must placed in client
> program's parent directory. If you have gbak in C:\backup_tool\bin
> firebird.msg must be placed in c:\backup_tool.

Yes. I tried to back up only at the server. Even after replacing the
firebird.msg with another one of the same version, no joy.

What finally did it was re-starting the FBGuardian and Server (3-4
times to make sure). Then I was able to do maintenance (Sweeps,
Validation, back up and restore).

So, I guess the thing to do is to restart the service (I wanted the
customer to reboot the server but they have that outsourced to IBM and
was taking over a week to do!).

Thanks for your comments.