Subject "can't format message 12:169 -- message system code -6"
Author Eduardo A. Salgado
Using Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition with SP 1.

Have been able to back up databases at this site before but now cannot
get them backed up using a program that calls gbak.

When checking out why, receive the error: "can't format message 12:169 -
- message system code -6" when using IBExpert (which has worked well
for many years). I have not seen this message ever before.

When researching on the net and these newsgroups, found some similar
error messages but they dealt with FreeBSD and Linux.

Can someone tell me what needs to be done to get back to business as
usual at this site? We have databases of 3 GB, 11 GB and 29 GB that
need to be backed up.