Subject Re: [firebird-support] "can't format message 12:169 -- message system code -6"
Author Gabor Boros

"can't format message..." means you have problem with firebird.msg
Please read:


Eduardo A. Salgado írta:
> Using Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition with SP 1.
> Have been able to back up databases at this site before but now cannot
> get them backed up using a program that calls gbak.
> When checking out why, receive the error: "can't format message 12:169 -
> - message system code -6" when using IBExpert (which has worked well
> for many years). I have not seen this message ever before.
> When researching on the net and these newsgroups, found some similar
> error messages but they dealt with FreeBSD and Linux.
> Can someone tell me what needs to be done to get back to business as
> usual at this site? We have databases of 3 GB, 11 GB and 29 GB that
> need to be backed up.
> Thanks!
> -Eduardo