Subject Re: [firebird-support] Does Firebird support deferred constraints?
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi all,

> >I can't find a complete SQL reference for all statements and it's very
> >hard to incrementally scan all the release notes, so I might have
> >missed something.
> The language reference updates may be more easy sometimes:

> Although, release notes may be more complete.

The Release Notes contain everything that is new or has changed in a certain release; the LangRef updates cover only the SQL language (including PSQL).

The Release Notes often cover some previous releases as well (e.g. the 2.1 notes also cover 2.0), but not all the way back to Firebird 1.0.

Each LangRef update covers all the changes since InterBase 6.0 beta. So if you have the IB6 LangRef plus the update for your Firebird version, you have a complete (P)SQL reference.

The LangRef update for Firebird 2.1 will be published before the end of February.

> I have seen those. The problem is they only list changes and I have no
> idea what the base is to what those changes compare.

Maybe you should have read the Introduction :-)

Paul Vinkenoog