Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: "can't format message 12:169 -- message system code -6"
Author Gabor Boros

You tried the backup on the server or on the client? Because the client
program needs the firebird.msg. E.g. firebird.msg must placed in client
program's parent directory. If you have gbak in C:\backup_tool\bin
firebird.msg must be placed in c:\backup_tool. This is true only if you
don't have Firebird's DefaultInstance registry key. If the registry key
exists Firebird read the root dir from the key.

10054 means connection reset by peer. The Firebird FAQ is your friend
again. ;-)


Eduardo A. Salgado írta:
> We then renamed the old firebird.msg and copied another firebird.msg
> from another server to the server in question.
> Then tried again and still get the same message.
> We cannot reboot the server ourselves (as it services customers from
> coast to coast) but have requested them to do so.
> Maybe that will "clear its mind" and we can go back to normal.
> Now, after all that, what can cause this error? How about a series
> of I/O error 10054? They had some of those in the log and, although
> they are Windows errors, they are recorded in the firebird log file.
> -Eduardo