Subject Re: [firebird-support] Best Server hardware to Firebird
Author Alexandre Benson Smith

Rodrigo Aparecido Cardoso wrote:
> "Please tell us more about how your customer uses Firebird. 40 users
> adding one record each every hour to one table is nothing, 40 users
> constantly updating tables when using Firebird as the basis for a flight
> simulator is something quite different (I don't know if anyone uses
> Firebird this way, I just used it as an example since I expect it to be
> quite intensive)."
> R: We use Superserver version(running on Windows XP SP3).

What version ? (1.0.x, 1.5.x, 2.0.x, 2.1.x)

> The customer
> is a store, like Wal Mart(not so big as) but with queryes running all
> day long. I forgot to say before, but, this server makes backups with
> gbak every hour in other hard disk, but when it happen, the system
> become slowly...

gbak reads the full database, taking in consideration that the disk is
the bottleneck, I expect such behaviour.

Tell us a bit more about:
1.) What is the size of the database ?
2.) What is the database statistics during the day (right before the
gbak process starts at 14pm for example)

If you use FB 1.X and have a lot of duplicates on indices the gbak would
be slow because it's performs a garbage collection process, and the
garbage collection process is slow on FB 1.X on tables with lot of
duplicates on the indices, you could use the -g switch to gbak to see if
it performs better.

> What can we do with it?
Give us more information

> Thank you and sorry about my bad English...

There are lists in Portuguese if you prefer

> Rodrigo Cardoso
> Data System

até mais...

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